Terraria Trainer

Terraria Trainer

The Terraria Trainer gives player many options to play game and complete the levels of game without facing any difficult situation. A player that is using a trainer can complete game quickly and efficiently. Terraria is more interesting game for both children as well as adult.

Terraria is a 2D sandbox game with gameplay that rotates around building, exploration, crafting, combat, and mining, playable in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The game has a 2D sprite tile-based graphical style significant of the 16-bit sprites found on the Super NES. The game is noted for its classic exploration-adventure style of gameplay for its players.

Some games are extremely hard and fast for many player and player are not able to play well so that is such type of circumstances game trainer entertain player and make player passionate while gameplay.

About Terraria Trainer

The God Mode of the Terraria Trainer gives many options to their player to perform well and make more money and also complete game levels efficiently.

This game is difficult and challenging for their player because the understanding of the game environment is not known to the players in advance. So that is why the game completion is hard for the player. Especially for the beginner of the game feel disquiet in completing the game level and some of them leave the game. And if they are using the Terraria Cheats they can play well.

Features of Terraria Trainer

No Damage

This will prevent damage from being subtracted from the player’s health. This is the simplest method of invincibility. Self-damaging items can still kill the player. (Rod of Discord)

No Death

This will prevent the player from dying upon reaching 0 or less health. Added this method of invincibility so you can still have the challenge of trying not to reach 0 health, but you don’t have to worry about dying.

No Mana Loss

It Prevents mana from draining upon using items or magical weapons.

Player Damage x100

It Makes player deal 100x more damage.

Right Click Item 9999

When the gamer right-click a stackable item in your inventory, its stack count will change to 9999.

Favorite Item 9999

Favoring any item in your inventory will make it stackable and set its stack-count to 9999. You can favorite an item by holding Alt and clicking an item in your inventory during the game.

Max Minions 50

Sets your maximum number of minions to 50.

Freeze Day Cycle

Freezes in-game time and day cycle.

Normal Day Cycle

Resume in-game time and day cycle at normal speed rather than fast.

2x Day Cycle

Double speed in-game time and day cycle.

10x Day Cycle

10x speed.

255x Day Cycle

255x speed.

Get Player Base

Activate this to acquire the player base address. This allows the hacks below it to work. Leave this Option checked to continue acquiring the address in case it changes or you change characters.

Freeze Life

(Requires player base) Freezes health at its current value static. It updates the health value to be the value it was when this was checked. This does not provide perfect invincibility. If your player takes damage from a single hit that is greater or equal to your remaining health you will die. Ex. falling damage tends to kill.

Freeze Mana

(Requires player base) Freeze’s mana.

Freeze Rockets

(Requires player base) Freezes rocket timer for unlimited rockets for the player. Using Freeze Wings at the same time may cause slower flight with the Enemy.

Freeze Wings

(Requires player base) Freezes wing timer for unlimited wings for the player. Using Freeze Rockets at the same time may cause slower flight during the game.

How to Use Terraria Trainer?

  1. Download the Terraria Trainer from the given link
  2. Extract the .rar file in the installed directory of the game using WinRAR
  3. After extracting just open the folder
  4. Open the Trainer inside the folder
    1. Launch the trainer
    1. Launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.

Terraria Cheats

No Damage – (Hotkey: Shift + 1)
No Death – (Shift + 2)
No Mana Loss – (Shift + 3)
Player Damage x100 – (Shift + 4)
Right Click Item 9999 – (Shift + 5)
Favorite Item 9999 – (Shift + 6)
Max Minions 50 – (Shift + 7)
Get Player Base – (Shift + 8)
Freeze Life – (Alt + 1)
Freeze Mana – (Alt + 2)
Freeze Rockets – (Alt + 3)
Freeze Wings – (Alt + 4)

Download Trainer

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