Resident Evil 2 Remake Trainer, Cheats Latest 2023

Resident Evil 2 Remake Trainer

Resident Evil 2 Remake Trainer

Here we are providing you is the most comprehensive Resident Evil 2 Remake Trainer. This trainer allows you to change the FOV camera, introduces manual flashlight, and allows you to swap character. Furthermore, this trainer can allow players to walk through walls, can disable recoil, and can increase both player health and speed. Naturally, this trainer also adds some “cheats” such as Invisibility, One Hit Kill, and Infinite Ammo.

It’s also worth noting that this trainer allows you to edit the Inventory/Item and brings some HUD adjustments. It also brings a universal key mechanic, freezing game timers and game difficulty adjustments. Further features are available below.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Cheats

  • NumPad1: Player Invincible
  • NumPad2: Super Health
  • NumPad3: Unlimited Ammo
  • NumPad4: No Reload
  • NumPad5: Set Inventory Space
  • NumPad6: Zombies Don’t Attack
  • NumPad7: Easy Kill Enemies
  • NumPad8: Invisible To Tyrant
  • NumPad9: Super Speed
  • Multiply: Reset Demo Clock
  • Add: Unlimited Ink Ribbons
  • Separator: Unlimited Weapon Durability
  • Subtract: Reset Game Duration Clock
  • Decimal (.): Tyrant Remains Incapacitated
  • Divide: Reset Number of Saves
  • F1: Reset Total Number of Steps
  • F2: Fast Weapon Accuracy
  • F3: No Recoil
  • F4: Reset and Freeze Countdown Timer
  • F5: Reset Number of Times Item Box Used
  • F6: Reset Number of Times Recovery Used
  • F7: Temporary Unlock All Episodes
  • F8: Unlock All Trophies Episodes Content
  • NumPad9: Super Speed


As always, save OFTEN! Use options as directed! Some events in the game are scripted and cannot be avoided!

Resident Evil 2 Remake Trainer Features:

Player Invincible:

Toggle on, and most things cannot kill you.

Super Health:

Press this to set your health to the value shown in the trainer. This is like an instant heal.

Unlimited Ammo:

Toggle on, and most weapons and grenades that are equipped are unlimited. When you draw your gun and aim, it will reset.

No Reload:

Toggle on and most of the weapons, when fired, will not need to be reloaded.

Set Inventory Space:

Press this button to set your inventory space to the value shown in the trainer. The max appears to be 20.

Zombies Don’t Attack:

Toggle on in Resident Evil 2 Remake Trainer and most of your enemies, including zombies, cannot attack you. Toggle off when not needed. This option may freeze the time in the game or freeze some scripts, so toggle back off when not required. If enemies seem stuck or otherwise are not acting erratically or adequately, use an older save, or toggle this back on and off after a save and attempt to get a new enemy to attack, which will reset the scripts in most cases.

Easy Kill Enemies:

Toggle this on, and many enemies will die very quickly. The trainer also turns on Player Invincible option automatically, so you vanish at that time, to prevent you from being killed by the extreme damage.

Invisible To Tyrant:

SPOILER! There is an enemy in the game that relentlessly pursues the player throughout the house. This option will make it such that you can explore and progress without the Tyrant attacking you. Please remark that it is scripted that you must be attacked later in the game, so the trainer will not prevent that, and the game requires that to happen to progress the story. However, before that portion of the game, this option is priceless.

In Resident Evil 2 Remake Trainer you can use Invisible To Tyrant feature. To use this, toggle the option on, make sure EASY KILLS is on, then shoot the Tyrant when it approaches to send him to a knee. If this option is on, when he gets back up, he will avoid you. NOTE that the Tyrant is in a superstate, and cannot see you but will also likely not be killable! Use the other TYRANT option if you wish him to be able just to stay incapacitated at one spot.

Reset Demo Clock:

If the game player uses the trainer with the demo, this will reset the demo clock.

Unlimited Ink Ribbons:

Toggle on, and the trainer will try to give you unlimited ribbons in the game.

Unlimited Weapon Durability:

Toggle on, and many weapons and knives have unlimited durability of these weapons.

Reset Game Duration Clock:

Toggle on while playing the game, and it resets the time that you’ve been playing the game to 0. Toggle back off when you see it has reset. You can see your current time when you press ESC.

Tyrant Remains Incapacitated:

An alternate method to disable the Tyrant. Toggle on Easy Kill Enemies. Then shoot the Tyrant when he arrives, he will go down to one knee, then toggle this on and the Tyrant remains in that spot. Best to use this from the fresh load when the Tyrant arrives if you haven’t used Invisible to Tyrant.

Reset Number of Saves:

Toggle on, then SAVE a game, and the total is set to zero. Toggle back off when done.

Reset Total Number of Steps:

Toggle on, then walk around a bit, then the total is set to zero. Toggle back off when done.

Fast Weapon Accuracy:

Toggle on and many ballistic weapons, the aiming reticle instantly is at maximum accuracy.

No Recoil:

Toggle forth, and many weapons have less or no recoil.

Reset and Freeze Countdown Timer:

Some missions, like Sherry’s Segment, require you to complete in a particular time to earn the achievement trophy, or there is a shown timer in some sequences. Toggle this on to try and lock the timer.

Reset Number of Times Item Box Used:

Toggle on while playing the character, then press ESC to open the menu, then click Records, then scroll down to the Minimalist category, and the value is reset. Toggle back off.

Reset Number of Times Recovery Used:

Toggle on while playing the character, then press ESC to open the menu, then click Records, then scroll down to the Frugality category, and the value is reset. Toggle back off.’

Temporary Unlock All Episodes:

Toggle this on at the main menu, then click Story, then you will see the 2nd Run is available. Also, you can now go back to the main menu, and all of the Extra Modes are available.

How to Install Resident Evil 2 Remake Trainer

  1. Download the trainer from the given link
  2. Extract the .rar file  using  the WinRAR
  3. Now open the train.exe and change what you want

How To Use Resident Evil 2 Remake Trainer

  1. If not state otherwise below, press F1 at the main menu.
  2. Listen for ‘Trainer Activated.’
  3. Press the desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.