GTA V Trainer

GTA V Trainer

            We are providing you the Game Trainer of GTA 5 that gives you stunning features beyond your imagination. You will be able to achieve various impossible things that you can’t do in traditional/original game. Let’s have more fun by using this trainer.

Below are the Features of GTA V Trainer we provides you.

GTA V Trainer Vehicle Options

  • Spawn any vehicle in the game.
  • Customize it with the Mini Los Santos etc.
  • Add invincibility, become a passenger, hookers and more with Extras.
  • Multipliers (Now you can change the vehicles acceleration speed, brakes and smooth handling etc)
  • Speedometers added to watch live vehicle speed
  • Vehicle Weapons for fun (Shoot rockets, lasers and many more)
  • Visibility (Change the vehicle visibility and alpha levels so make your vehicle invisible)

GTA V Trainer Weapon Options

  • Give your player any weapon from the game.
  • Set ammo type such as explosive bullets, fire bullets etc.
  • Set the infinite bullet.

Teleport Options

  • Teleport 2ft in front of you.
  • Teleport to the any point in the game just in blink of an eye!

GTA V Trainer Player Options

  • Change to any model of the player in the game.
  • Change the look of your player with any of its available model options menu.
  • Become invisible in the game.
  • Enable most of the player cheats such as explosive melee, super jump and many more.
  • Set a Cash Value to spawn cash. and make it rain and have fun J!
  • Adjust the wanted level of increase star, clear it, or become never wanted.
  • Kill yourself with a pill or pistol if times are tough ha-ha funny Nah J.
  • Add hats/glasses/masks to your player face with the accessories option.
  • Adjust health, add/remove the armor, or toggle invincibility options.

Audio Options

  • Over 50 Model Playable Speeches which can also be played through a megaphone.
  • Change Voice of the Player pitch and tone.
  • Mobile Radio.
  • Change to the next radio track on your current radio station of play music from your list.


  • Spawn any model in the game to be your bodyguard(s) that protects you.
  • Change the look of your last spawned bodyguard with any of its available models from the options menu.
  • Add/Remove Blip so you could keep track of your bodyguard on the radar and eye on them.
  • Change the Group Formation and Spacing to have a unique fighting style and kill style.
  • Add hats/glasses/masks to your bodyguard face with the accessories option.
  • Give your bodyguard any weapon machine gun pistol etc.
  • Delete the last spawned bodyguard if you want.
  • Dismiss all bodyguards at the same time.
  • Set Vulnerable/Invincible if you do/don’t want them to die while fighting.
  • Give Current Weapon will always give them the weapon you have currently equipped in your hand.

GTA V Trainer Custom Camera

  • Top-down view (Camera looking down on the player and move around the player)
  • Create a custom or manual camera and attach it to the player or set a custom offset and sync it to the player coordinates and game cameras rotation that have you manually created.

Object Spawner

  • Type in any model name to spawn right in front of you for different purpose.

Animation Options

  • Animation
  • Animation Player (Play all in game animations and custom animations)
  • Animation Clipsets (choose between a variety of movement clipsets from the menu)
  • Animation Facial (Player moods like: sad, happy, smoking etc.)
  • Input/Play Animations which can be looped.
  • Change Movement Style of objects like player and trees.

World & Game Options

  • Toggle Night Vision or Thermal Vision in the game.
  • Adjust traffic multipliers.
  • Become a weatherman and change the weather do you like!
  • Hide the HUD to take screenshots or whatever in front of you.
  • Apply a time cycle modifier while playing.

Misc Options

  • Spawn a random bodyguard who will have your current weapon when spawned that protect you.
  • Recruit the nearest ped with the current weapon you have in your hand.
  • Call the police if someone wants to kill you, attacking you or if you just want to kill some pigs.
  • Call Merriweather Mercenaries to protect you from enemy on your current location.
  • Resurrect a target ped back to life and they will thank you for saving his life.
  • Spawn a random ped to do whatever with.

How to Install GTA V Trainer?

  1. Download GTA V Trainer from the given link.
  2. Extract the file and follow the instructions.
  3. Install “Script Hook V”
  4. Place “pc_trainer_v.asi” inside your GTAV install directory.
  5. Place “pc_trainer_v.ini (optional)” inside in “C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\”.
  6. Add “speedometers.ytd (optional)” into script_txds.rpf located in update.rpf using OpenIV\Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\x64\textures\script_txds.rpf

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