Far Cry 5 Trainer, Cheats For PC Latest Version 2023

Far Cry 5 Trainer

Far Cry 5 Trainer

The Far Cry 5 Trainer contains many cheats and hacks so that you can do anything in the game your player will not die and having god mod skills and power. The trainer less the game with amazing capabilities like, weapons will be equipped with infinite munition all the time, you can make you enemy weak so you can win the game easily, character have the power and skills that cannot be beaten by the opponents and many other powers that are described below!

The Far Cry 5 Trainer allows to unlock everything at the very beginning which can help you play the game the way you want to without having to wait till the later levels to do so. A trainer will essentially allow you to choose how to play the game.

How to Use Far Cry 5 Trainer

  1. Start the game
  2. Load the trainer
  3. Refer to the hotkeys below


                Please disable any antivirus or firewall applications before using any of our releases, to avoid conflicts. Trainers work primarily by accessing and manipulating game memory, and modern security applications can prevent them from working. Windows 7/8/10 users, make sure you run the trainer as administrator

Far Cry 5 Trainer Features and Hotkeys

[Num 0] God Mode [Toggle]

This will make your player invincible. This will freeze your current HP, so if you have low HP you can repeat injections.

[Num 1] Refill Health [One-Shot]

Activate to top up your health (alternative to above).

[Num 2] Infinite Injections [Toggle]

Either toggle-once to top-up the needles to 8, or keep it on.

[Num 3] Infinite Stamina [Toggle]

This will ensure you never run out of stamina.

[Num 4] Instant Kill [Toggle]

Turn this on to gain the ability to kill enemies in one-hit using Far Cry 5 Trainer. Note: Try and keep usage to a minimum, and disable it between area transitions. IE. Take out enemies in one area, disable, then turn it back on when entering new territory. There can occasionally be a very strong enemy that appears, but just take him out with the machete, or blow him up!

[Num 5] Infinite Ammo + Nades [Toggle]

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Functions as a no-reload too. Will not magically give you ammo you don’t already have.

[Num 6] No Recoil [Toggle]

Removes all recoil from your weapons. Try combining some weapon hacks…

[Num 7] Rapid Fire [Toggle]

This will make all sub-machine gun type weapons fire fast! Just try it out. Try combining some weapon hacks…

[Num 8] Always Max Weapon Condition [Toggle]

Leave it on to make sure your weapons never degrade. Or, turn on, fire some shots, then disable, to quickly repair a gun.

[Num 9] Tank Mode (Vehicles) [Toggle]

This will make ‘all’ vehicles invincible. Good for staying in one piece when driving like a lunatic. It can also, be used quickly, to repair a battered vehicle.

[Divide] Vehicle Hop [One-Shot]

This is a more unique option, to pimp up your vehicle a little. Hitting this hotkey will give you car a little anti-grav!

[Multiply] Add 100 Diamonds [One-Shot]

What it says. Just be careful not to exceed 900 or so. It’s a bit odd for the game.

[F1] Super Speed [Toggle]

This will make you faster by a factor of roughly 5x. Careful when running of hills etc… God mode maybe?

[F2] Super Jump [Toggle]

This will make your player jump a ‘lot’ higher than standard. Make sure you enable God Mode because you ‘will’ die without it, guaranteed. Fall protection is all within that god hack. This will activate after the first jump.

[F3] Ghost Mode [Toggle]

Hell yeah! This needs a little info. This will give your player a no-clip effect (or a wallhack of sorts) allowing you to move into buildings and through objects etc. Probably just need to be careful around water, and use caution when saving the game. This is ‘not’ like the built-in no-clip cheat if you wondered.

[Multi-Slot Teleport System]

Alrighty, take note people. This is my teleport system. Here’s how it works. There are 6 keys, 3 for saving to slots, and 3 for restoring from the slots in Far Cry 5 Trainer. Because the game will simply load world areas on-demand, you can pretty much jump anywhere at any time. Due to popular demand, here it is. See the keys below:

Save Keys Restore Keys

F6 – Slot 1 F10 – Slot 1

F7 – Slot 2 F11 – Slot 2

F8 – Slot 3 F12 – Slot 3

Use a little common-sense when jumping around, and refer to the notes on the one-hit-kill hack if you’re using it too. Oh, and careful not to hit F5 or F9 by accident!

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