Dark Souls 3 Trainer, Cheats for PC Latest version 2023

Dark Souls 3 Trainer

Dark Souls 3 Trainer

In Dark Souls 3 game players are fully equipped with a variety of weapons to fight different types of threats/enemies this weapon is like throw-able projectiles, sword and bows. Shields are also used to protect from the enemy’s attack and avoid damage.

More one feature is added in this game is magic known as the focus point. The gameplay of the previous game like hit point and the second one is a focus point is new feature in this game. This game provides a player extreme level of combat, the player’s movement is faster and rapid, also given more damage to the enemy in a short time.

Players encounter different types of enemies each have different behavior, like change the combat during the battle. The places in this game on role-playing that are expand character build and improved given weapon.

About Dark Souls 3 Trainer

Dark souls 3 are interested in player because of their gameplay. But playing the game without trainer is very hard to complete the game. Because while gameplay without trainer it is difficult to still alive and does better performance instead of other hands when the player that is using the dark souls 3 trainers can play the game in a well manner and enjoy the gameplay is very well.

Dark souls 3 trainer give players to play as you want. Provide facilities to unlimited health while in fight players can make enemy limited by freezing them. A focus point hit is the best feature that provides the player to kill the enemy in just one hit. Trainer provides full Combat strategies against bosses. The dark souls 3 trainers contain a full walkthrough to equipped as player wish and well fight with enemies without any damage.

Dark Souls 3 Trainer Features

Unlimited HealthEnemies do not kill easily
Unlimited Focus PointFocus on different point is easy
Unlimited StaminaProvide good Fighting Stamina
Zero WeightWeapon weight reduce to be zero
Equipment LoadDetermine the weight of weapon
Unlimited Weapon durabilityDurability of weapon is increase
Freeze EnemiesFreeze enemies can stop the action of enemies
Always Drop LootLoot is available in many point
Infinite SoulsAcquire Boss Souls you after defeating a Boss.


How to Install Dark Souls 3 Trainer

  1. Download the trainer the given link
  2. Extract the .rar file using the WinRAR
  3. Now open the train.exe and change what you want

How To Use Dark Souls 3 Trainer

  1. Run the trainer,
  2. Then play the game.
  3. During the game you will be able to use the following Option keys:

Dark Souls 3 Cheats

NUMPAD1: Infinite health
NUMPAD2: Infinite spell uses
NUMPAD3: Infinite Stamina
NUMPAD4: Max Humanity
NUMPAD5: Infinite items
NUMPAD6: 100% drop rate
NUMPAD7: Immune to poison
NUMPAD8: Immune to bleeding
NUMPAD9: Immune to curse
NUMPAD0: One hit kill
Ctrl+Num1: Infinite Souls
Ctrl+Num2: Add 100,000 souls
Ctrl+Num3: Super Speed
HOME: Disable All

Download Trainer